Does the time spent waiting for your computer to get up and running after powering it on seem to grow longer and longer? Did you know your computer’s hard drive plays a role in determining how fast your computer boots up? If fast, quiet, safe access to your data matters, the next time you’re in the market for a new PC, an SSD hard drive might be a better bet over the traditional hard drive.


An SSD—short for solid-state drive—is a storage device that is used to save data like documents, photos, and videos on a computer. The main differences between a solid-state drive and a regular hard drive can be summed up by comparing the two in the categories of noise, raw speed, reliability, and price.


Traditional hard drives are fully mechanical, meaning there’s moving parts inside that help the drive function. With moving parts comes louder noise and the potential for hardware failure. Solid-state drives have no moving parts because they’re built on flash memory technology. Not only does this increase the device’s lifespan, but also makes it quieter and more reliable. Who doesn’t like reliable technology?

Another big draw to using a solid-state drive is the benefit of speed performance. A traditional hard disk takes several minutes to load an operating system before it is ready for use. SSDs, however, are loaded in a minute. This feature is often referred to as “instant-on” and makes transferring files and toggling between programs effortless despite the number of applications, websites, and security software running in the background.

Mechanical hard drives still beat solid-state drives in the price and storage categories. While solid-state drives get cheaper every year, they still can’t match the value of traditional hard drives. In a price comparison, a traditional hard drive has significantly more storage capacity at less cost when compared to a solid-state drive.

Next time you shop around, pay close attention to what kind of hard drive is installed. If price and mass storage capacity are your primary drivers, you’ll probably lean toward a mechanical hard drive. If your priority is speed and reliability, the solid-state drive is an easy choice.

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