Find out if a move to the cloud is right for your business. 

Moving to a cloud-based system could give your business the best blend of security and convenience as well as providing significant cost savings.

If you currently have an on-premise hardware setup you may be wondering if a move towards cloud-based systems is right for you. The benefits of moving to the cloud are numerous, but understanding which areas will give you the best balance of security, cost, and convenience requires expertise. 

We’ll assess and plan your migration for you by examining your existing setup to advise where cloud services could create efficiencies. We are an independent IT consultancy and review all major vendor options to recommend the best cloud system fit for your business. 

We can either conduct the migration for you or work closely with your in-house team to see you through the changeover.

IT computing cloud migration in Fort Worth Texas
  • On-premise Exchange to Office 365
  • On-premise servers to Microsoft Azure
  • On-premise SharePoint to Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint
  • On-premise ERP to cloud server
  • On-premise Lync to Microsoft Teams

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