Don’t let your wireless network chain you to your desk. 

A wireless network assessment determines the level of configuration required to give you complete coverage. 

Your network is the lifeblood of your organization’s technical transactions; the wireless network provides mobility within the facility and connects things like thermostats, guest users, inventory scanners, and phones. 

We use specialized software to examine your office or warehouse, mapping signal strength and coverage. We’re looking for areas where coverage is insufficient or the performance is sub-par. We’ll dig deep into the network to form a clear picture of your network’s health. We also sit down with a selection of your key network users to learn about the issues your team is experiencing first-hand and to understand what the future looks like for your business. 

We will present our findings to you and give you a clear overview of your network’s strengths and weaknesses. We will make our assessment of the network's health and potential problems clear, as well as providing recommendations to rectify these issues and to enhance the system for the company’s future performance. 

Wireless Network assessment in texas
  • Independent, unbiased network assessment
  • Wireless coverage map in the 2.4 and 5 ghz spectrum
  • Desired coverage map with access point location
  • Recommendations and estimates for upgrades and enhancements
  • Switch analysis and spanning-tree design

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