Michael Walton Operations Manager
The Walton Group, LLC

“…We’re not technology experts. So, we knew we could trust TriQuest [with weekly software updates]… we know, we come in Monday morning — our software is going to be up-to-date, we’re gonna be in compliance, and we can do the work we need to for our clients. So, it may sound like we’ve outsourced technology, but really having TriQuest as part of our team — it’s like we have an inhouse technology provider. You call them, you email them, they’re gonna answer. It really is the relationship for us — and knowing we can trust [TriQuest] with one of the key parts of our company? That’s invaluable!
— Michael Walton

CPAs understand how an organization makes money. They understand accounting, they understand revenue, expenses. They understand profits. And by understanding that and having the big picture perspective they can use that information in all the decisions they are helping an organization make.
— Michelle Barton

Michelle Barton, CPA Executive Director
Fort Worth Chapter
Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants

Doug Renfro President
Renfro Foods, Inc.

“…Before TriQuest, we had a 1-man band. The guy did a great job for 20 years but, one person cannot be in more than one place at a time. Also, he just couldn’t keep up with technology because he was a 1-man shop. I rely on TriQuest to keep us current—in terms of security, the hardware, the software. At this point, I seem like a TriQuest salesperson because I am so enthusiastic! I tell everyone that TriQuest Technologies does a fantastic job in the IT world and [hiring them] would allow you to focus back on your core business. I could do a lot of it myself; I don’t want to. They have allowed me to get back to doing want I want to do which is helping create delicious salsas and share those with the world.”
— Doug Renfro

“…With TriQuest and building this foundation that we’re building now; we’ll be able to continue to add new software programs to our operations as our business grows… [TriQuest] made the commitment. They’ve lived up to the commitment. I don’t think we could’ve asked for any better partner in this kind of relationship.
— Dione Kennedy

Dione Kennedy President & CEO
Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc./Bass Performance Hall